Top Choice Virtual Assisting

My mission is to help entrepreneurs grow their business, by freeing them from their essential, but time-consuming administrative chores. Giving them time to step back, breathe and refocus their energy into the high-revenue activities.

What We Do?

We work closely with each business owner and build rapport. We invest in your business first-hand and offer solutions. You can be in control of your business without having to do every single little job.

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Administrative Assistant
Personal Assistant
Data Entry
Basic Bookkeeping

How We Can Help You


A virtual assistant is very efficient for your business, especially if you have a lot of projects that you are currently working on and don’t want to experience overwhelm.


Virtual receptionists offer an immensely better cost option typically 80 to 90 percent cheaper than an FTE receptionist. You only pay for them when their services are required.


If you want to save time, money and resources, hiring a virtual assistant is a viable option for your business. Not only are more business outsourcing, but business owners continue to recommend virtual assistants online. We’re not doubting you can do it all, but now, you don’t have to! We’re here to help!

Our Mission

We can help your business become more efficient, giving you more time and energy to focus on moving your business forward. As entrepreneurs, we know all about hard work and long hours. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done.